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Welcome to DrugHub Market

DrugHub Marketplace is a cutting-edge platform that puts your privacy first, creating a lively community where sharing knowledge and engaging in secure commerce goes hand in hand. In an age where surveillance and data tracking are on the rise, DrugHub DarkNet Marketplace stands out as a safe haven for those who cherish their digital privacy. With top-notch security features and a firm belief in free speech, the DrugHub Market link offers a one-of-a-kind environment where users can interact and trade without fear of compromising their identities.


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What is DrugHub Market?

In the digital landscape of August 2023, a fresh endeavor named DrugHub Market emerged, spearheaded by the legendary veterans of the White House Market team. This innovative platform is dedicated to ensuring top-notch security, unwavering uptime, rock-solid stability, and seamless user experience. DrugHub adaptable software architecture allows for easy integration of new features and efficient management of surges in traffic. The marketplace exclusively transacts in Monero XMR, prioritizing privacy and security.

Since its inception, DrugHub has rapidly gained momentum, attracting a multitude of customers and vendors, resulting in a diverse array of listings on the platform. Offering a plethora of features, including a guest checkout option that eliminates the need for user accounts, DrugHub Market aims to revolutionize the online marketplace experience.

Born from the legacy of the renowned White House Market, a revered darknet marketplace, DrugHub Market represents a new chapter in the team's journey. Following the closure of White House Market in 2022, the team hinted at a potential return, which materialized into the creation and administration of DrugHub Market, ensuring continuity and innovation in their endeavors.

DrugHub Market Customer Features!

Introducing a groundbreaking marketplace experience designed to redefine online transactions. At our platform, you can seamlessly browse listings, search for products, and explore vendors without the hassle of creating an account. Our innovative approach to security includes a passwordless login system that leverages PGP keys for authentication. Two-factor authentication is enforced through PGP signatures, ensuring robust protection for your transactions.

We have revolutionized the payment process with invoice-based payments, utilizing the market wallet solely for refunds. With our unique shopping cart feature, you can place multiple orders and make a single payment. Additionally, we offer private mirrors for vendors and customers to ensure reliable access to the marketplace.

Our platform boasts an innovative link distribution system that provides each user with a truly unique mirror, guaranteeing reliable and fast service without the risk of DDoS attacks. Transparency is key at our marketplace, as we openly disclose a 5% market commission that may vary based on certain factors.

To safeguard your privacy, we enforce end-to-end encryption for all communications, except for generic messages. Our system prioritizes security by not storing hot wallets on servers, processing withdrawals promptly, and offering notification systems to keep you informed.

We simplify the user experience with separated messaging systems, automated support, and a streamlined feedback process. Disputes can be settled efficiently without staff intervention, and vendor applications undergo manual review for quality assurance.

Each order is meticulously documented to prevent discrepancies, and we cover all withdrawal fees to enhance user satisfaction. Our platform supports Monero as the primary payment method, ensuring secure and private transactions.

With features such as quick replies, bulk quantities management, and auto-sweep withdrawals, we aim to streamline your marketplace experience. Employee accounts can be set up with specific permissions, ensuring data security and integrity.

Experience the future of online commerce with our platform, where convenience, security, and innovation converge to create a seamless shopping experience.

Why Choose Darknet Marketplace?

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Knowledge Exchange: Unleash your curiosity on the DrugHub Forum, a valuable source of knowledge where privacy and security experts share their insights, and users bring their unique perspectives. Trustworthy Trading: Shop on the DrugHub Marketplace with confidence, protected by quality goods and the reliability of vetted sellers. Unmatched Confidentiality: Being part of the Tor network, DrugHub Market ensures the highest level of anonymity and security for all users. Freedom of Speech: DrugHub Market upholds the principles of free speech and respects users' rights to express their opinions without fear of censorship. Community Support: Connect with like-minded individuals who understand and value the importance of privacy and anonymity, fostering a space where people with similar values come together.

Getting Started On Drughub

Upon arrival at DrugHub, you will be greeted with a unique human verification process known as Captcha. The challenge involves aligning a transparent circle by matching the top layer with the bottom layer before the Captcha timeout bar runs out. Once successfully completed, a simple click on the "continue" button will grant you entry to the marketplace.

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You have the freedom to explore Drughub without creating an account to view product listings and vendor details. However, in order to communicate with a vendor or make a purchase, you must register as a customer on Drug Hub. Registration requires a PGP key to access the market. If you are unfamiliar with PGP encryption, we suggest referring to this guide. To move forward, input your PGP key into the specified field on the registration page and click on the "continue" button. Following this step, a PGP encrypted message will appear on the next page.

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Upon reaching the next page, you can access the PGP encrypted message from the specified code box and proceed to paste it into your PGP client for decryption. The decrypted message will begin with the prefix "DRUG_HUB_BUYER_REGISTRATION_yourcodehere." To complete the registration process on the market, simply choose the "continue" option.

he username you select will only be used as an identification for vendors and will not function as your login credential. Once you have entered your desired username, click on the "continue" button to finalize the registration process.

After successful registration, logging in is straightforward. Just copy and paste your PGP Public Key into the designated code box and choose a Session timeout duration. This setting determines the length of time before you need to reauthenticate to the Market. Select a Session timeout of 12 hours if you wish to remain logged in for the entire duration unless you manually log out. Click "Continue" to receive your PGP validation message on the following page. The validation code for Sign in will start with DRUG_HUB_BUYER_SIGNIN_yourcode, as outlined above.

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Upon accessing the interface, you will observe that the primary section of the display is comprised of pairs of tiles arranged in columns. Each tile presents comprehensive product details such as an image, title, category and subcategory, price, payment alternatives (escrow or FE), shipping particulars (origins and destinations), vendor appellation, vendor feedback rating, and available stock quantity.

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Positioned at the screen's upper section is the primary Navigational Menu featuring various tabs such as Invoices, Orders, Vendor Chats, Support, PGP, Notifications, Shopping Cart, XMR Wallet, and Profile Settings. It's essential to highlight that the wallet serves solely for withdrawals. Refunds or winnings from disputes will be transferred to this wallet. It's unnecessary to transfer any funds to Drughub Market until you reach the final checkout stage. Continue reading for additional insights.

DrugHub Market Customer Rules!

When transgressing the regulations below on darknet markets, repercussions may ensue. An initial warning will be issued for breaches, with repeated infractions potentially leading to account suspension.

- Prohibition of harassing Staff/Vendors.

- Prohibition of filing false reports regarding Vendor/Listings.

- Prohibition of attempting to impersonate vendors or staff.

- Prohibition of engaging in Phishing activities.

- Restrictions on conducting business to or from Russian Federation and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

- Ban on selling information on businesses or individuals from Russian Federation and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

- Prohibition of disclosing personal/sensitive information (DOXXING); tracking numbers are considered sensitive data. - Prohibition of attempting to evade any imposed account restrictions. - Exercise sound judgment and adhere to common sense.

DrugHub Market Vendor Rules!

No advertising of external contact information anywhere on market (including PM's). Notable exceptions: Detailed product descriptions, spec sheets, harm reduction resources may be allowed with explicit approval from staff. If unsure contact us.

No attempt to list any item from the Prohibited Items list.

No attempt to scam any buyer or individual.

You must use accurate descriptions of all listed products at ALL times.

You must always ensure your customer receives EXACTLY what they order.

You must handle all business professionally at all times.

No business to or from Russian Federation and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

No sale of information on businesses or individuals from Russian Federation and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

No Doxing of customers or exposing a customers personal information. Note: Tracking numbers are sensitive information.

Always use the Shipping From Country as advertised in your listing.

No off market deals.

Do not abuse keywords feature, if your listing is for "cocaine" do not add "weed" to keywords.

You must not ask customers to Finalize Early (FE) without having FE privileges.

You must not try to circumvent any restrictions that may be placed on your account.

Use common sense.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in penalties such as warnings, fines, or permanent bans, depending on the severity of the violation. It is important to always conduct business professionally and honestly, while following the guidelines set in place. If you are unsure about any rules or regulations, please contact us for clarification. Remember to use common sense and follow the guidelines to ensure a safe and legitimate marketplace for all users.

DrugHub Market Prohibited items!

Some Items are prohibited from selling on DrugHub. This is for the safety of users and Vendors, The following items are strictly forbidden, any vendor that is selling them should be reported to the market.

Weapons. Self defense equipment like body armor is however allowed, if unsure contact staff.

Fentanyl (or RC Analogues of such).

Poisons/Chemicals that can be used to harm another living organism.

Pornography of any kind. Porn accounts with major sites are allowed.

Stolen Data involving Law Enforcement or any Government Organization.

Stolen Data involving Schools, Hospitals, or similar.

Tutorials, guides, methods.


"Get rich quick" schemes, signals.

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If you prioritize your privacy and security, and are willing to comply with our regulations, we eagerly anticipate your arrival at DrugHub Market in the near future. We are confident that DrugHub has the potential to ascend to the pinnacle of the darknet market realm, much like the esteemed White House Market once did.